A case of EMFs preventing food sensitivities from improving.


Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are an often-overlooked factor preventing you from overcoming your health issues.

Did you know that;

  • All metabolic processes in the body are electrical

  • Nerve impulses are transmitted electro chemically,

  • Transportation of substances through the cell walls is electrical in nature & all body fluids & tissues are excellent conductors of electricity as they contain electrolytes (which have negative or positively charged components).

  • Our acupuncture points & meridian system (pathways of energy) are also electromagnetic.

We are electromagnetic beings & therefore we are all influenced by electromagnetic frequencies.

Some sources of external emfs are microwaves, appliances, Wi-Fi devices including Fitbit, mobile phones, computers, cell towers.

These EMFs can disturb the normal electric currents in our body causing a wide range of symptoms including;

  • Poor metabolism

  • Multiple chemical & food sensitivities

  • Foggy brain

  • Poor healing

  • Pain

  • Poor sleep

  • Chakra disturbances

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Digestive issues

  • Poor detoxification

So, you can see that almost all symptoms could be associated with EMF disturbances.

Of course not everyone is affected by EMFs to the same degree, some people are more resilient whilst others are more severely affected & this can often be the underlying factor preventing them from healing.

Those that are more severely affected seem to be those with chronic health issues, children in general & especially children with learning disorders, hyperactivity issues, autism, dyslexia.

As a Health Kinesiologist I see people affected by this all the time & it is something that is often dealt with early on in their sessions otherwise the energy work doesn’t seem to ‘hold’ or seems to come undone.

For example, I had done some Health kinesiology work with a client to deal with food sensitivities & testing indicated their tolerance to a food went up to 10 slices of a certain bread/day. Now this person was unlikely to eat 10 slices/day, but it shows just how much her system had improved.

However, after a period of time the bread seemed to be causing trouble again with digestive symptoms returning.

Now I know that when I have tested someone & established a tolerance level, the energy work we have done is fairly strong & permanent unless there is extreme stress or ‘stress’ from EMFs or geopathic stress.

When I tested this client, I found her energy system was blocked due to her wearing a Fitbit device. Overtime this constant Wi-Fi radiation had undone the energy work we had previously done for several foods’ sensitivities.

Mobile phones are another common devices I see doing this, but we use these devices daily & they have become part of our lives, so we need to find ways to deal with them.

I tested an EMF protection device for her Fitbit & her arm muscle tested strong again. I also tested a necklace pendant that is a lovely rose quartz crystal permanently imprinted with frequencies that protect the body from EMFs & will give her whole body better ability to handle the EMFs from all sources.

I expect overtime her body will respond & her tolerances will increase again.

Other examples include babies, children with sleep disturbances due to EMFs disturbances from smart meters or other devices. When the bed/cots were moved or specific devices used to neutralise the EMFs they returned to sleeping well again.

Addressing these electromagnetic disturbances along with other Health Kinesiology work often helps people overcome numerous food & environmental sensitivities, headaches, pain, digestive issues & improves emotional & mental capacity.

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