What is Nutrition Response Testing SM?

Nutrition Response Testing is a very simple & effective health system that uses muscle testing to find what areas of your body are not functioning as well as they should & what might be underlying this.

At your first appointment I will muscle test all your organs, hormonal glands & any other part of your body that is causing you problems (eg painful knees).  For any areas that test weak we want to find out which of the 5 Most Common Stresses (see below) are involved so we can design a nutritional program to specifically deal with this.  

This way you are not wasting your money on unnecessary nutritional supplements that are not addressing your health concerns.


There are 5 common blocks to healing

I look for. These are:

  1. FOOD SENSITIVITIES - including wheat, gluten, soy, corn, sugars, and more

  2. HIDDEN IMMUNE CHALLENGES - this could include yeast, parasites, viruses or bacteria

  3. METAL TOXICITY such as mercury, aluminium, lead & more

  4. CHEMICAL TOXINS such as chlorine (very common), perfumes, pesticides, etc

  5. INTERFERENCE FIELDS - including scars (click to go to my blog & read 'why scars can be a problem') & EMFs. 


Your “Personalized Health Improvement Program”

Based on these results specific supplements are tested to determine which particular high quality supplements (and the amount of each supplement) you will need to deal with your health issues. 

For example, lets say you have an overgrowth of yeast, I can help you determine whether probiotics alone will resolve the issue or if you need a combination of probiotics (and what type because not all are effective against yeast) and an anti fungal agent and which particular one. Also what foods you will need to avoid until the issue is resolved.

Many health problems do not generally occur overnight, instead they take several months or years to develop.  The deficiencies or imbalances lead to a breakdown in resistance, or immunity, and a loss of the ability to cope with environmental stresses (chemical, microscopic, or otherwise).

Each cell, tissue, and organ in your body is in the process of replacing itself every day,  & with a little guidance it is possible for you to improve your health.



Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

  •  $200

Follow Up Consultations  (30 minutes)

  • $60

Eftpos is available for payment

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Bladder Pain & Chronic Health Issues

I've been going to the Natural Health Clinic for several years now, and it's been a lifeline for me. After being sent home after 5 days in hospital with no diagnosis (but minor improvement from rest), Allison started me on supplements to both deal with the micro bug that wasn't showing up in blood tests, as well as adrenal support, etc.

I have chronic health issues (some genetic) - so there isn't a quick fix. What I value so much is that Allison works to improve my quality of life. She is a very caring practitioner and understands challenging circumstances. Highly recommended!!        L.H