Frequently Asked Question

What to expect from a session?

When you come in for your appointment you will lay down on a massage table, fully clothed while I do the muscle testing evaluation you have come in for.  I use muscle testing in all my consultations. 

How many appointments do I need?

If you have come in for food sensitivity testing you may only need that one appointment. However sometimes clients come back for follow up appointments to see if their food sensitivities are improving or to identify another food that may be aggravating their health.  

With Health kinesiology you have a series of sessions overtime to identify & remove whatever is blocking you from healing & flourishing, whether this is physical , emotional, psychological or environmental factors.  As a guide 5 - 8 sessions is an average length of time, though some people will require more & some possibly less.  Sessions are spaced out as the muscle testing indicates so as to tailor the work to exactly what your body needs to heal smoothly & efficiently.  

Nutrition response testing appointments are usually spaced out every month so I can make sure you continue to make progress & not relapse. For example often you may need to change a nutritional product you are using to help you get rid of an infection such as yeast, parasites as they can sometimes become resistant & then nothing improves. I generally recommend I see clients for a minimum of 4-6 months but they often choose to come in for maintenance checks to stay well.

Do you offer blood tests or other laboratory tests?

No I do not.  Even though my previous background was analysing laboratory tests as a Medical Scientist I now specialise in kinesiology aka muscle (energy) testing to unravel health issues.  I find most clients who come to see me have already had some extensive blood tests done from their GP which can provide important information.  I use muscle testing as my main guide to get to the root of your health issues, along with your case history, symptoms & my experience. There are of course times when additional blood tests can be useful in which case I have referred clients back to their GP for these.

If however, you prefer to have extensive lab tests done then Dr Cindy de Villiers would be better suited to your needs.

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