A Little About Me

Alison Singleton

Bachelor Science (Medical Science)

Health Kinesiology Practitioner

Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

QRA Practitioner (Quantum Reflex Analysis)


It was never my plan to venture into the complimentary health field let alone become a practitioner, after all I was a medical scientist & this stuff was just plain weird & not scientific (or so I thought). 


But, this all changed when our son, Jack, was diagnosed with autism in 2003 & like most mum's, there is nothing we won't do or try to help our kids (and families).


 We initially pursued the medical route for help but after being put on numerous medications with constant dose increases and side effects I was left feeling overwhelmed, alone and disheartened.


At one point we were actually told by our pediatrician to move closer to town (we lived over an hour away in the country) because Jack, who was maybe 6 or 7 at the time, would need to be put in a home (due to severe aggression & other behavioural problems) and there was nothing else they could do for us!   

Now that knocked the stuffing right out of us, but after a while I picked myself back up, found a new pediatrician & kept looking for answers.


We tried numerous alternative therapies, which all helped to some degree, however I still felt like something was missing.


The "One Size Fits All' approach was becoming increasingly frustrating as I realised each program we pursued assumed all autistic children have the same issues and therefore must need the same program.  On top of all this my son reacted to many of the so called necessary supplements, leaving me once again frustrated, confused & depressed.


I realised that the specialist were making their best educated guess based on symptoms & what had worked for the majority of autistic children but unfortunately it was not working for our son.


When I discovered muscle testing I instantly knew I had found what I was looking for.  No guess work or assumptions, no overloading the body with unnecessary supplements that are often treating symptoms & not the underlying cause.  It was the opposite of the 'one size fits all' approach & I realised this was the missing key in every other approach we had tried.  Using muscle testing I was able to identify all of his food allergies & even his tolerance levels which made a huge difference  to his behaviour.

Now I don't claim to have all the answers to everyone's health issues but combined with my background in medical science, my kinesiology training & the nutritional work I can honestly say I have helped a lot of people overcome a variety of health issues that they just couldn't get resolved. 

My mission is to help people, especially women & children, find the answers to their puzzling health issues (which for most people includes food allergies) that just don't seem to improve no matter what tests, medicines or therapies they do.  In particular I have a passion for helping people with chronic health problems including food allergies & eczema.

Are you ready to do something about your health struggles?

Most people just talk about what they want but never really commit to getting the results they desire.

So if you are truly ready to deal with your chronic health issues & food allergies and are willing to put in the effort & hard work to get your health back on track, because healing is more of a marathon than a sprint, then lets talk. 

If you've got your health struggles all figured out then you probably won't need my help. But if you're still stuck or confused about how to start feeling great & you want someone to guide you through the process of getting well, cut through the confusion about what diet, supplements etc to take then I can help.

A testimonial from a client who had suffered with ulcerative colitis for many years with little relief.

Alison... quickly determined what foods (allergies) were contributing to the long term inflammation in my GI tract.  Using the method of simply avoiding those food items whilst supporting the natural action of the bowel via the use of a few key supplements I was soon to see evidence of a settled bowel to a level I had not experienced since my early teens – 25 years ago!

Alison was not the first health practitioner I had seen since I was 18.  Others perhaps offered similar advice and similar supplements but none provided any improvements.  So what was the difference to Alison? 

  …  she was able to wade through the many options and quickly narrow down on what was actually causing the bowel to be inflamed, or to be rejected and that made a real difference rather than just “prescribe some pills and see you next week.”


DISCLAIMER: Any information contained herein including my blog and Facebook page should not be taken as medical advice and you should not rely upon it as such. it is your responsibility to seek medical advice for any health issue you may experience.  These resources contain my personal opinions regarding health matters and as I am not a medical doctor I do not treat or diagnose medical conditions. I shall have no liability to you under any circumstances should you choose to rely on any of the information I publish.