The Cause of A Mysterious Cough Finally Resolved With Nutrition Response Testing

This was actually one of the first cases I had used Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) besides my family & friends. It was one of those cases that showed me the power of NRT & led me to embark on further training in this system.

The client was a little girl of about 3 years who had experienced a chronic cough for several years that was especially worse in the winter time. Mostly it was an unproductive cough and medical tests could not find anything wrong on examination.

Her mother was understandably always on edge as soon as she heard the slightest hint of a cough as often it would lead to weeks or longer periods of coughing, exhaustion & trouble sleeping. The fact that nothing could be found to be wrong was incredibly frustrating also, as how do you treat something when no one can find the cause.

Naturally all manner of cough syrups, lozenges and other children's immune boosters had been trialed but nothing seemed to significantly help.

Luckily a good friend of the family was a naturopath and started her on specific, high quality nutritional supplements for respiratory conditions, probiotics, more immune support, gut healers and eliminated dairy foods from her diet.

Finally there was some improvement but after a reasonable amount of time on this program the cough remained and was still a significant problem in the winter, so much so that the mother decided to postpone having another child due to the constant pressure/stress of taking care of her daughters fragile health.

My Naturopath friend had heard I had trained in a new technique called Nutrition Response Testing and thought perhaps I could help, after all there was nothing to loose.

So we tested her using a surrogate as 3 year old's are too young to muscle test, and we found weakness in the lung and bowel reflexes. No great surprises there but what was a surprise was the hidden cause - a small parasite! Now parasites are incredibly common and are often an overlooked cause of all sorts of health concerns. They can be tricky to treat as they don't necessarily respond to any old anti parasitic supplement and you need to ensure they are fully eradicated, otherwise they will come back. We muscle tested for the correct nutritional supplement that brought strength back into these weak areas/reflexes and tested the rest of her supplements she was already taking to make sure they were aiding her recovery.

It really didn't take very long at all to see a significant improvement in this little girls health - certainly in the first 4-6 weeks. After several months when the parasite levels were reduced to below detection and the gut had had time to heal she was able to reintroduce some foods that had previously caused her trouble.

Now when she gets a slight cough it passes as they should do rather than hang around for months at a time and this family is no longer under siege.

If you would like any further information regarding Nutrition Response Testing or how your health concerns can be addressed please email me on or call on 0277 267 324

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