Are supplements really necessary?

There was a time when I thought that a healthy diet was really all you needed to have optimum health, unfortunately I have learn't this is rarely the case.

Today we are bombarded by toxins from food additives, chlorinated & often flouridated water, medications, perfumes & fragrances, makeup, hydrocarbons, metals, plastics etc. Even the fruit & vege's we eat are heavily sprayed with pesticides.

We can do a lot to reduce our toxic exposure but we can't altogether avoid it. Also the food we eat today just doesn't have the same nutrition it did a few generations back. Therefore even for someone in relatively good health it makes sense to take a basic maintenance program to stay that way.

When people have chronic health conditions a healthy diet alone is normally not enough to resolve the issue. However diet when combined with the RIGHT supplements, that target the underlying cause of ill health, is crucial to regaining health.

Quite often clients will turn up with a bag full of supplements they have been taking to try & resolve their symptoms. Often these supplements do not test very well for them or they are taking too many supplements & this overwhelms the body or they are merely trying to address the symptoms but haven't targeted the actual source of their symtpoms.

This is where Nutrition Response Testing can make a world of difference. We muscle test all your organs, glands, joints, areas of pain and find out would could be the source of your symptoms. This may include;

1) Food allergies

2) immune challenges - bacterial, fungal, viral, parasites

3) Heavy metal toxicity

4) chemical toxicity

5) Scar - an overlooked source of intereference that often prevents the body from healing.

Once the potential source of your symptoms is identified we find the right supplements to specifically address the issue. Therefore you are not wasting money on unnecessary supplements.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of your supplements. A lot of supplements are full of synthetic components that the body cannot utilise very well, or as is often the case, make the symptoms worse. Here at The Natural Health Clinic we mostly use Premier Research Lab's and Nutri West supplements that have an excellent reputation for both quality and results.

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