Worrying Prostate & Heart Problems Improved with the Correct Nutritional Program.

A man in his 50's came to see me for some prostate troubles he was having after a few nudging's from his wife!

He had the typical symptoms of frequent small volume urination, no pain when urinating but occasional episodes of severe abdominal pain/cramp that required anti inflammatory medication and a loss of energy & vitality.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This man had already seen his doctor & everything had checked out ok, so we were able to proceed with peace of mind that nothing serious was going on such as cancer. Now we could move ahead to see if there was anything I was able to do to help.

I used Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) to evaluate what areas of his body were weak (ie not performing optimally) on muscle testing.

The main areas were his liver, both small & large intestines & prostate.

The prostate tested as the priority area to deal with at this visit.

As per a NRT evaluation the weak area, ie the prostate, is checked to see if there is anything that could prevent it from healing & repairing when given the right nutritional supplements.

Some toxic chemicals showed up as affecting the prostate so the correct nutritional supplements were muscle tested to eliminate these. We then tested if there were any other nutritional needs to help the prostate heal & also what dose was correct in this particular case. In this case it was a specific prostate formula at a dose of 2 per day. Also all other areas that tested 'weak' were now testing 'strong' with his specific nutritional protocol.

One month later there was significant improvement in the prostate symptoms & the dosing schedule was adjusted to adapt to this. It is important that he continues to provide the nutrients needed to strengthen & heal the prostate for a while & then at a maintenance dose otherwise eventually the symptoms will return.

Prostate are like thyroid glands for women - they are often neglected & require the correct nutritional support to keep you feeling good & youthful!

However, after another few weeks there was a concern about his heart health, he was feeling an obvious skipping or irregular beat & loss of strength & was naturally quite worried, so I advised he see his doctor again to investigate.

Again he was given the all clear & it was diagnosed as a common but not serious irregular heart beat they they would monitor but were not worried about.

Sure enough after I tested him using NRT again his heart did test weak on muscle testing.

I checked that nothing was preventing the heart from repairing as it should & none of the usual 5 barriers to healing showed up. These are;

  1. Food Sensitivities

  2. Hidden infections such as yeast, parasites, viruses or bacteria

  3. Toxic Chemicals - chlorine's, fluorides, formaldehyde's, pesticides, plastics etc

  4. Toxic Metals - mercury, aluminium, copper, lead etc

  5. Scars & other interference fields

So, I tested what nutritional products his heart needed to strengthen it & it was a specific heart formula at 4/day for 6 weeks & then 2/ day for another 4 weeks.

This significantly improved the heart rhythm so much so that he hadn't noticed his 'missed beats' for some time. At a 1 month follow up appointment I tweaked the heart nutritional program slightly & added in a few key B vitamins.

It is important to remember that the nutritional program for this man was exactly what his body needed to heal & repair. It will usually be completely different for another man with the exact same symptoms.

Often the symptoms are similar but the protocols needed by each person are very different.

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