Case Study: HELP - I am reacting to foods I used to tolerate, I have bouts of diarrhea, abdominal pa

A lady in her 40s came to see me concerned that her symptoms seemed to be increasing overtime instead of improving.

Initially she started out with some digestive issues such as gas, bloating & occasional loose bowels but she thought it was probably just something she ate & it would settle down. After several weeks & then months things had not settled down & she was now experiencing these symptoms everyday.

She dreaded eating because she always felt such discomfort afterwards & often need to go to the toilet fairly quickly afterwards & she couldn't figure out what foods were the culprit. As if this wasn't bad enough she now was experiencing headaches most days & needed ibuprofen so they did not turn into migraines. This seemed to further aggravate her digestive system but without it the headaches stopped her functioning & she had a family & job to attend to.

She noticed that when she ate quiches she felt sick & developed a headache whereas previously she had no problem. Chicken also gave her trouble along with too much bread, & dairy.

Fatigue was becoming an issue so she tried energy boosting supplements but didn't notice any major improvement. She was also tried some B vitamins, magnesium & hormone support supplements to deal with her irritability & PMT.

Nothing really made a huge difference & feeling fed up she came to see me on the recommendation of one of her friends.

We identified the foods that she was sensitive to right now & found her appropriate alternatives so she could eat without experiencing so much discomfort. Fortunately she was able to eat eggs so long as they were in baking (this destroys the protein in the egg white that most people react to) & not poached, fried, scrambled. She could also tolerate a few slices of sourdough bread per day.

We identified a parasite in her intestinal tract & also gallbladder which was testing weak along with her thyroid. Parasites are often associated with gallbladder & liver congestion as they love to hide out in there & cause all sorts of problems!

We muscle tested for the correct supplements to deal with the parasite, liver/gallbladder congestion & also some iodine & other minerals to support her thyroid function which should help improve her energy & PMT symptoms.

Within the first week she noticed less bloating, gas & digestive pain & tolerated her cup of tea with milk in it again - something that previously had her doubled over in pain.

The headaches also dropped back & only reappeared when she ate chicken before her body could tolerate it again.

Now we are working on improving her digestive system further, increasing her tolerances to several foods such as chicken & eggs & her ability to absorb & metabolise a few nutrients using Health Kinesiology techniques & improve her ability to handle stress.

Apart from being very grateful in helping her overcome these symptoms she also commented that she wished she had come to seem me months ago as it would have saved her so much discomfort & money from all the supplements she had bought trying to sort it out.

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