Scars: A Hidden Barrier to Health

It's not well known that scars may cause a multitude of health problems. However, scars on the surface of the skin from past injuries, surgeries, piercings and even tattoos are often an overlooked hidden barrier to healing.

Scars often weaken an area of the body making that area more susceptible to the effects of toxicity and infections.

The scars themselves interfere with nerve function and can restrict the circulation of blood, lymph and nerve supply to an area often remote to the site of the scar.

Scars no matter how small or large can 'become active' and randomly discharge accummulated nerve electricity, causing chaos and confusion in the nervous system.

Scars anywhere on the body can be problematic, however scars on the midline of the body such as C-sections, navel piercings and episiotomies are a common source of non-resolving women's health issues.

These scars can often contribute to postpartum depression, inability to lose weight, digestive problems, thyroid dysfunction and a host of other hormonal imbalances.

In Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), scars are a common cause of neurological 'switching', which basically means the nervous system is in a state of confusion and you will have a great deal of trouble healing.

What this looks like clinically is;

1) you don't get well at all, or your health 'rollercoasters' and you have frequent relapses.

2) you have tried many different therapists and treatment programs but you just don't seem to get well.

3) you have tried many different supplements over the years but after initial improvements you seem to relapse.

Of course not all scars are problematic but when they are, you often have chronic non-responding health conditions.

At the Natural Health Clinic, I can test your scars to see which ones, if any, are active and how to resolve them.

Some examples of scars;

* Episiotomy/vaginal tearing from childbirth

* C-Sections & Hysterectomies

* Vasectomy

* Surgical scars including stitches

* Piercings especially navel piercings

* Some tattoo's

* Moles and acne scars

* skin cancer scars

* 'dead' teeth, wisdom teeth

* burns

* chicken pox scars

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