Health Kinesiology

"Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down."

                                                 - Donna Eden

How Does Health Kinesiology Work

Health Kinesiology (HK) uses muscle monitoring (testing) to communicate with the body's own internal wisdom to find where the problem/blockage is, what is causing the energy disturbance & what we need to do to sort it out. 


We all have unique life experiences that have led us to where we are now.

I simply 'listen' to the body via muscle testing to find what it needs to heal.

Because muscles are linked to internal organs & to the meridians in the Chinese model of medicine, any disturbances in muscle function will flag up problems in the internal organs associated with that meridian & energy flow around the body.  Blood, nerve & lymph flow all follow energy flow so correcting imbalances within the energy system helps with physical function also.

I understand that sometimes it is so confusing to know the best option for you when you feel frustrated by a health problem that just won't improve & all you really want is a solution.

I too felt frustrated when I had recurring severe bladder infections & extreme stress in my life & I didn't know what to do to finally move past it.  I felt as if my health was yo - yoing up & down depending on the stress levels in my life.


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After working with so many nutritional clients I was becoming a little frustrated when despite some clients following my advice to the letter they would make improvement but then after a time they would come back with the same problems.

For example I would see clients with yeast infections and the associated PMT, headaches, aches &pains & food allergies associated with this & we would resolve this for a time but then 6 months later they would experience the same issues again.

Most of these clients realised they had a lot of stress in their life's from relationship issues, work pressures, family life etc.  Some stressful situations you can change & some you cant but you CAN change how your body copes with them & improve your health.

If you are experiencing ongoing health issues, lots of allergies or a lot of stress in your life & you are frustrated by the lack of improvement with your health despite eating a fairly good diet & trying good quality supplements then this is when Health Kinesiology is your best option.

Of course due to my background in nutrition I frequently  incorporate this into my kinesiology work to help speed up the healing process if appropriate.  


I use muscle testing to pinpoint what is stressing the body and causing your symptoms.


Anything can cause stress in the body including:

  • Toxins like heavy metals and chemicals such as chlorine which the body is failing to eliminate correctly.

  • Allergies to foods & environmental factors like pollen's, dusts & moulds, perfumes etc

  • Electro magnetic Fields  - smart meters, wi fi, mobile phones, cell towers etc

  • Hidden Infections in the body like yeast, parasite, viruses & bacteria

  • the body's misreading of its own bio-chemicals, and hormones thereby not using them correctly, and

  • Psychological factors such as worries, fears, limiting beliefs and emotional traumas 

  • Geopathic stress negative earth energy

When the body is in contact with something that stresses it, (like a food or a stressful thought or memory) the muscle being tested will unlock or test weak.

Once we do the appropriate techniques to clear the stressful reaction the arm will remain strong when in contact with the item or thinking about the stressful memory or thought.

The triggers & causes of symptoms in one person are normally completely different from another person with the exact same symptoms, therefore no two sessions are the same.

Holding the appropriate acupressure points on the body balances the energy flow and tells the body to correct the energy supply, nutritional, drainage or functional problems which the stressful factor has been causing to some part of the body.  


Sometimes the body benefits from changes in rest, sleep, work, water or food intake & nutritional supplements and these are identified via muscle testing.  I find these changes help speed up the healing process.

Muscle testing allows me to quickly & painlessly identify your allergies/sensitivities & also work out your tolerances for different foods & whether or not that food or nutrient  increases your vital energy


For example, you may not have a sensitivity to oats but if your tolerance is only 2 tablespoons every other day you will likely react when you eat them & have similar symptoms to an allergy. 

It is not only allergies to foods that I deal with but also inappropriate reactions to your supplements, pollen's, dusts, moulds, perfumes, pesticides, hormones, animals, chemicals and all sorts of toxins.


Health Kinesiology has numerous corrections to deal with allergies & increasing tolerance levels, however for some people emotional/psychological work is also needed in addition to help clear the symptoms.

Over several sessions stress is cleared from the body and tolerance levels usually increase as the body begins to heal & become more robust & resilient.





Health Kinesiology sessions are $150 & last about 1.5 hrs 


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