How Health Kinesiology (HK) Helped Me

Having trained in other forms of kinesiology I had become a little frustrated that some only addressed emotional aspects whilst others focused more on others.

Having had children with allergies I was looking for a way to improve their health & expand their diets to include more foods rather than continuously eliminating foods.

I also wanted to look at nutritional work to prevent them becoming deficient & also

address specific deficiency symptoms if needed.

I wanted a system that could show me not only if a supplement was needed but also how much was needed, in what form, what particular brand was best & what time of the day was best to take it. 

I wanted to know what their tolerance levels were to certain foods because if they could only eat 1 segment of a mandarin twice a week then that wasn't going to be very practical.

HK allowed me to do all of this & more & give me protocols to correct them.

My Personal Story With Health Kinesiology (HK)

For me personally HK helped me overcome recurrent bladder infections.  I had quite a few over a 12 months period & whilst I tried herbs, probiotics, cranberry, changing my diet & many other things I was still getting them & they came on so quickly & severely that within hours I would be passing blood, pus & febrile.

I had to use antibiotics every time because nothing else worked & I certainly didn't want to damage my kidneys but I also wanted to know why I kept getting them & what to do about it.

HK sessions addressed multiple reasons but for me the biggest one was the emotional stress (anxiety) mostly to do with managing & coping with my autistic son.

In Chinese Medicine the bladder & kidney meridians are associated with the emotion of fear including anxiety.

After my several sessions I never had another bladder infection & that was 7 years ago.

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